Glad Kanelbullens Dag!

I started a new Swedish class this week, which was perfect timing as today, 4th October, is the official Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden. This gave me the perfect excuse to make them and gorge myself on them, of course!


I have made them before, and they always go down very well with friends and family. I use this recipe, which has never failed me. The traditional addition of cardamom in the dough gives them an extra kick of flavour. They aren’t as sickly sweet as the American variety either, so they are perfect for a naughty breakfast or a mid-morning snack (or as the Swedes say, fika).


I am gradually improving at working with yeast. For a long time I was too scared to bake with yeast as whenever I had tried the results just weren’t that great. I have a better understanding of it now though, and I’m going to keep at it and keep you posted! This just goes to show how easy this recipe is though, even a dunce like me can get great results!


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