Toffee Apple Puddings

I’m still looking for apple recipes! Of course I have made buckets of apple sauce, and the usual suspects, apple and blackberry crumble, apple turnovers and pies, but they do get boring. The other day, I was reading this month’s Waitrose magazine and I came across the recipe for these toffee apple puddings.  Sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourites so I knew I had to try them.


The recipe is pretty simple, first you make a caramel sauce, which you then put in the bottom of your buttered, sugared pudding basins/ramekins. Then you top this with the apple sponge mixture, cover each pot with foil, and bake in a bain marie.

The verdict: Oh my giddy aunt, these are *amazing*! I could not recommend them enough! Sticky, caramelised, rich, with the sharp taste of apple… I could eat 3 in a row! Just leave a comment if you want the recipe 🙂


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