Traveling on my stomach

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately. That is because, aside from getting a new job (yay!), I was on holiday to Canada for two weeks. I went to university in Vancouver, at UBC, so I took a trip back over to see friends and generally get away from it all. I also ate a lot. Like, seriously, a lot.

Top of the list was brunch, so on the first Saturday after I arrived we headed to Jethro’s, a favourite of ours, for an enormous and delicious meal.

IMG_0200the aftermath

Later in the week, I also had a donut for the first time in years – it was delicious!


Lucky’s glazed donut

we also had plenty of drinks, including bellinis, bellinis, and more bellinis!


I’m  a firm believer that more drinks should come with gummy worms

I’m not really one to sit in a restaurant and take photos of my food though, so instead I collect business cards. Here are some I picked up in Vancouver:


not to mention Vancouver favourites like Japadog, Granville Island public market, independent cafes, and lots of sushi! I’m a little sad I didn’t make it to Memphis Blues though!

I also took a side trip to Portland with my friend Linda for a couple of days. We couch-surfed with a lovely couple who lived in the cutest building ever:


Once again, much food and drink was had! Here is a selection of the things we had and the places we had it:


So, so much food. I also seem to have broken a dam, donut-wise, as I had another one and a half from Blue Star donuts in Portland.

I had such a great time, it was so good to see my friends again, and I think I put on about half a stone in those two weeks. It was worth it though!


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